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1: Start out going East on COURT ST towards 2ND ST by turning right.  0.02 miles
2: Turn RIGHT onto 2ND ST.  0.09 miles
3: Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST.  1.34 miles
4: Take the I-5 S ramp towards SACRAMENTO.  0.36 miles
5: Merge onto I-5 S.  17.62 miles
6: Take CAPITAL CITY FRWY.  1.39 miles
7: Take the I-80/CA-99 S exit towards RENO/FRESNO.  0.34 miles
8: Take the CA-99 S exit towards FRESNO.  0.29 miles
9: Merge onto CA-99 S.  6.07 miles
10: Take the MACK RD WEST exit.  0.33 miles
11: Merge onto MACK RD.  1.13 miles
12: Turn RIGHT onto TANGERINE AVE.  0.09 miles
  37 minutes
 29.07 miles